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The first indoor fitness bootcamp in the UAE dedicated to ladies

 Attrafit is an effective, unique fitness concept, centered around creating a healthy body.

Our excellent facilities include three spacious exercise studios, alongside sports massage rooms. Attrafitters can also enjoy refreshments from our cafe and smoothie bar, and undergo a full fitness consultation, through the state of the art body scanner.

At Attrafit, we provide tested fitness solutions to all members. Our infectious atmosphere will ensure you work your hardest, whilst having great fun. The Attrafit journey is a full encompassing experience, and every aspect has been considered to produce phenomenal results. Come and try it for yourself, and book a class today.

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Our vision is to become the destination in the UAE for our clients. Attrafit can become an inseparable community of women, striving to achieve their individual fitness goals. Our intense, yet safe and educational approach to fitness can ensure clients spark a lifelong interest in fitness.


Our mission is for Attrafit to be a fitness destination for women of all walks of life... We want our clients to understand why they are undertaking each aspect of their journey, and why they are feeling the positive effects to their bodies and minds. Attrafit is a tight knit community of different people, with a likeminded goal. For us, fitness is the ultimate attraction.