Esther Mwihaki

Home Trainer

Esther Mwihaki

Professional Dance Instructor


Esther, started dancing in 2009 when she went for a professional dance training of one year. 2010 started her journey as a professional dancer, specializing in cabaret, Hip Hop and Modern African Dance. During her years as a professional dancer she felt an urge to venture into fitness industry as after every performance she was asked by different people how they can dance.

In 2014, she started her Exercise Training Music career, by taking a Zumba course and becoming a certified Zumba instructor. The main reason why she chose Zumba was that she felt it defined who she is. In her opinion zumba is the best way for a fit person to keep fit whilst enjoying the process and having lots of fun in class.

Since then her life journey has completely changed. Now she is certified for the following:

  • Zumba fitness program for adults,
  • Zumba fitness for kids and Zumba kids junior,
  • African Dance fitness program.

Esther is happy to share what she loves with beautiful souls all around the world.




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