Terms & ConditionsTerms & Conditions

  • The Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable at any time. The Membership are not to be used by anyone other than the name holder. In the event that the Membership is used by anyone other than the name holder, the Membership will be withdrawn without notice to the Member.
  • Membership suspension or Membership freeze policy is only applicable on 3 month and 6 month membership plans for 7 calendar days and 14 calendar days respectively.
  • Attrafit reserves its right to review its fees, prices and charges relevant to its services and discount offers regularly and implement any changes or withdraw its offers. Notice of such change shall be given to the Members.
  • All new and existing Memberships are subject to the approval of Attrafit Management.
  • Attrafit Management may terminate the membership of any member, if:
    1. A Member’s conduct or behavior is considered harmful to the interest of Attrafit, its employees or its members, such termination is without notice and with immediate effect.
    2. A Member showed aggressive, disrespectful to another member of to any of Attrafit employees, such termination is without notice and with immediate effect.
    3. A Member failed to pay outstanding fees after the due date for payment.
    4. A Member violated the privacy of other members or was caught in an action considered offensive or criminal in respect to the UAE laws and public policy.
    5. Upon written notice, if Attrafit decided that the member is not suitable for a continued membership at Attrafit.
    6. A Member was in violation of any of the above-mentioned conditions.
  • Attrafit Services are forfeited towards a Member upon the expiration or termination of the Membership, and in all circumstances, all fees paid to Attrafit may not be refunded, except for monthly membership dues paid in advance.
  • All outstanding payments and debts shall be settled upon the termination of a membership for any of the reasons set forth above.
  • Classes that are out of the boot camp classes, shall have a separate charge over and above the membership fees. These classes will be labeled in the schedule.


  • The Member warrants that she is in good condition and that there are no known reasons or health risks that prohibits her from engaging in an active exercise program at the time of signing this Membership Form. Members use the facilities at their own risk and are advised to acquire a physician consultation before engaging in any type of exercise.
  • The Member is solely responsible of updating Attrafit and its Management of her Physical Conditions that may be considered a detrimental to her own health, safety, or condition, or to other Attrafit Members, including, but not limited to, any major illness, heart disease, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, recent surgeries or operations, or infections or contagious illnesses or other minor diseases.
  • Attrafit reserves the right to require the withdrawal from the facility and membership termination of any person whom it may consider a risk to their own welfare.
  • Attrafit will not be held responsible for the death, injury, illness and or mental impairment of any Member, caused or aggravated by, any prior injury or illness of the nominee, whether known or unknown, through the use of the facilities.
  • Parents must accompany children under the age of 12 and are responsible for their behavior and actions.
  • Attrafit is not liable for any loss or theft at its premises, therefore, all personal items must be stored in the provided cubicles or lockers.
  • The use of any type of camera: cell phone, video recorder, digital or film camera is forbidden, without permission of Attrafit staff member, in the fitness areas and locker rooms.