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Riham Adnan

Senior Trainer / Strength & Conditioning Coach


Riham, the owner of Attrafit, is by profession a Personal Trainer as well as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. Riham, or Hami as she likes being called, has a vast background in fitness and sports.

She began with gymnastics and soon got involved with athletics and eventually became the champion of Lebanon in Long Distance Running for both 3000m and 5000m. She was also actively involved in other forms of sports such as volley ball, kick boxing, swimming and horse riding.

Upon graduating from the Physical Education University in Lebanon she began her career as a Personal Trainer as well as a GX Instructor....


Naghmeh Khazen

Yoga Expert
Naghmeh, a sports enthusiast, has thirteen years of experience in different types of yoga...

Esther Mwihaki

Professional Dance Instructor
Esther Mwihaki, started dancing in 2009 when she went for a professional dance training of one year...

Rania Wagih

Professional Zumba Instructor
Professional swimmer, certified personal trainer & specialist in performance sports nutrition...